Project 1: WordPress

WordPress is a very resourceful tool. Though I can find it hard for first timers I think this site caters to those who I would describe as intermediate web users. I can think of one tool which might be easier for “newbies” to use and that’s WIX. I don’t believe however that WIX’s setup allows you to perform as much detail as WordPress does. WordPress has multilayer development process which everyone from the informed causal user to the huge conglomerate web developers can use, and that’s the beauty of it. I can’t believe with a little studying and fooling around my first page has come to life. I mean, I even integrated my Facebook to update what I do on tMS! Without the help of my online class community and online resources I might have dropped the project for fear that I could never make my page up to my expectations. I have to admit that it took a while for me to organize my pages layout. I fumbled with adding tags, edits, and fitting the widgets but I persevered. The most daunting fact I face on WordPress is the immensity in which you can create you site. It’s as if I need to head over to Barnes & Noble to pick up a WordPress for dummies book. The best way I could describe the feeling is like buying a new car. Lets say a Toyota Corolla vs something like a BMW M3. You get in the Toyota and its easy. The owners manual fits in the glove box and allows plenty of extra storage. It has pictures that are well drawn out and easy language with little to no acronyms. Its simple. Now the M3 on the other hand is a totally different beast. You have to learn to tame it. You flip through manuals galore. Before long, your eyes are strained, your lap has amassed 15 lbs and your flipping though a dictionary trying to decode some acronym telling you to depress the brake before you can push the start button. I can see myself using WordPress more and more as I come to grips with its intricacies. I want to keep the site as simple as possible… just put in the key and turn.


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